A simple reminder in times of chaos


We have forgotten what it means to respect. To respect each others’ minds is the only way to plant the seed of understanding.

Our hearts shut like locked doors, and we throw bombs of insult with the mere aim towards hurting the other.

A family is a tree. Even the strongest of bases can be knocked down when we forget our ability to listen, receive, and understand.

Our awareness narrows as we place our attention on manipulative tactics and strategize to express our…

Mental Health & Self Help

Even the ultra successful achievers don’t talk about this.

Image created by Samuel Rodriguez. Submitted for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives

“I think I’m going to superglue my butt to a chair and search the inner depths of my mind to find out what is actually going on,” I firmly decided one morning.

Going through your typical funk and blockage, I was done feeling like a truck ran over my creative juices.

No one ever taught us how to deal with living up to the standards that we set for ourselves, let alone decide when to lower the bar.

As I drifted into a deep meditative state, a vague vision began unfolding. Looking around, I found myself in an orderly, clean…

The 4 shared qualities of rational exemplars

Throughout human history and culture, there have existed numerous examples of people who faced life with a high degree of rationality; to name a few: Marcus Aurelius of ancient Rome, businessman Warren Buffet, and Leonardo da Vinci.

What can we learn from them?

Sadly, there is no formula of “tips, techniques, and tools” when it comes to diminishing our irrational tendencies. However, there are qualities and mindsets that we may cultivate over time through experience, action, and practice. Robert Greene, author of The Laws of Human Nature, highlights the main shared qualities of the few rational exemplars:

“All these types…

Human Nature

Uncovering the grand split in our brain

I tried to hold it in, and no, it wasn’t a fart.

Abnormal feelings of anger were swirling up to the surface and intense heat was rising throughout my body. I felt an intense pull guiding me to expel all the built-up negativity towards the person that I loved the most.

I may have just babbled a couple extra words that would completely transform the dynamic of my most beloved relationship. From the most ungraceful part of my being, I began to shout out illogical excuses to back up what I was feeling internally.

I noticed my girlfriend’s tears dripping…

Motivation & Psychology

How to move away from external rewards and build an internally motivated human.

Have you ever questioned what thoughts are racing through the head of an elite performing athlete before an Olympic showdown, a Superbowl, or a game 7 NBA final?

I picture it going something like this.

The fastest runner of our time, Usain Bolt, gently laces up his Puma Ignite shoes. He splashes cold water on his face and begins his pre-game routine of meditation and breathing exercises. Leaving the locker room, he makes a kissing gesture while looking up, and asks for a blessing from a higher power.

BANG. The shot is fired.

The scene looks like a wild hunt…

Growth Mindset

Rewiring the mindset of a generation dependent on validation and rewards

“My professor is going to think that my brain is the size of an edamame, and he’ll go home tonight and tell his wife that I am the dumbest student in his class”, I judgingly told myself.

The end of my first year of college was approaching, and finals week was ripping my brain into shreds. I often pounded my fist into innocent desks because I believed that I wasn’t smart enough for this.

I would routinely ask my peers, “Who cares about a stupid balance sheet, and why do I even need to drill this useless information into my…

Simple Spiritual Lessons

Heal from “savior syndrome” and turn on the light switch within you.

A Baby Buddha sitting peacefully in bliss.
A Baby Buddha sitting peacefully in bliss.
Image from Pixabay

(Warning: Writing contains profanity (mild). Keep your small children away… or don’t. We all know that we’ve said f*ck since we were like 9).

So I know what you’re thinking… “Woah, Woah, you’re telling me that if I see the cutest, chubbiest man sitting in the middle of the road crossed legged with his eyes closed, I should crank up the speed of my Nissan Frontier 4WD and run him over?”

First of all, it’s 2020 so why are you driving that thing? Bad gas mileage much? And climate change bro/sis, go get yourself a Tesla. …

Discover how to take the metaphorical “road less traveled” and break the “bullshit rules” of your culture

What’s funny to me is that life (what is life?) placed us on a giant floating mass in the middle of a black void, at a certain period in time (what even is time?), in a specific environment, with people that we were expected to observe, depend on, and learn from for the first decades of our existence because we were tiny, speechless babies that crapped themselves.

Am I the only one that asks these questions? It ain’t even breakfast time yet, oh well.

Many see life as a simple game, where we just have to “level up”, and by…

Turns out that billionaires have a habit that we could all benefit from taking up.

Photo by Ruthson Zimmerman on Unsplash

Wake up Call

In that moment, a voice will pop into our head that says “Ummmm, bro, what happened to you? It looks like you forgot what the verb “to sleep” means, and maybe…

Offering a positive approach in a world consumed by fear

Photo by Josh Riemer on Unsplash

We are in the midst of a systemic imbalance. We look around, and we see the fear and division in the eyes of the other. Entire institutions are being shown their own weaknesses to the public eye. Family and friends will call us, and they will tell us about the alarming, global pandemic that we are facing. They will tell us to lock down our doors, clear all the supermarkets, and limit human contact.

Out of worry, boredom, anxiety, and negative emotions we will turn our heads to social media…

Emilio Ortiz

In a world of so many dope people, what can I say? Well, I like to ask questions (most of them bad ones). Co-Creator of The Innergy Motto.

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